Contact Information

Position Person Phone Email
President Rod Oppenhuis president@sebasvikings.net
Vice President Peter Maggi exec@sebasvikings.net
Digital Media Coordinator Peter Maggi info@sebasvikings.net
Senior (State 3) Coach Corey Smith coach@sebasvikings.net
Secretary Dan Hollingworth secretary@sebasvikings.net
Registration Officer Danni Anderson 0407 522 358 rego@sebasvikings.net
Senior Player Rep (State League) Marcus Lynch
Junior Social Media Sara Esposito 0438 615 283 juniors@sebasvikings.net
Junior Coordinator Jim Maggi jrep@sebasvikings.net
MiniRoos Co-ordinator Kurt Anderson 0408 332 366
Senior Women's Coach info@sebasvikings.net
Junior Program Coordinator Jim Maggi / Steve Young 0409 217 873 / 0439 658 219
Equipment Officer Jeff Chalmers info@sebasvikings.net
Junior Grants Leon Nash 0427 095 289 juniors@sebasvikings.net
Senior Women's Rep Tneal Maggi wrep@sebasvikings.net wrep@sebasvikings.net
Grounds Howard Wilson

Send general enquiries to info@sebasvikings.net
or the Club Secretary secretary@sebasvikings.net

Visit the Club on training nights and most Sundays.